Why You Should Consider Joining the Air Force

Posted by American Uniform Sales on Jul 9th 2024

If you’ve been weighing your career options or are trying to decide between the different branches, it can be hard to nail down the right choice. Once you sign your contract, you’ll be committed to whichever branch you’ve chosen, so you need to make sure you’re confident in your decision.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of joining the Air Force and why you should consider it as your career choice for the future.

What Is the Air Force?

The United States Air Force (USAF) is one of the six branches of the U.S. military and serves a vital role in national defense. The Air Force is responsible for protecting the air and space and focuses on:

●Air supremacy

●Command and control

●Intelligence and surveillance

●Global mobility

●Air superiority

The Air Force will often coordinate its actions with the Army and Navy to provide well-rounded and adequate protection for United States citizens. Airmen will be responsible for a wide range of duties which will vary based on your specific Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC).

Benefits of Joining the Air Force

There are many benefits to joining the Air Force, whether you’re considering the military for your career or trying to choose between the branches. Some of the most notable benefits of joining the Air Force include:

1. Sense of Duty

If you want a career where you serve others, the Air Force could be an excellent choice. You will work alongside your other Airmen to protect the country from threats, giving you a sense of purpose and duty. The time you spend in the Air Force will also give you a sense of purpose and camaraderie with your fellow Airmen.

2. Education

Once you join the Air Force, you will have access to up to 100% tuition assistance to pay for an associate's degree that’s in line with your job. You may also have the option to pursue something different. You will start earning credits at basic training and into tech school once you finish the first 7.5 weeks of training at boot camp. After you graduate, you will only need five more credits to get your degree.

Members of the Air Force can also receive up to 36 months of paid education and training through the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve. You can use the GI Bill to further your education in your field or choose another field of study for your career outside of the Air Force.

3. Career Experience

The Air Force will provide you with plenty of training and experience, which you can turn around and use in jobs outside of the Air Force. The experience you gain will make you more attractive to potential employers once you finish your contract or retire, which will make it easier to get a job right out of the Air Force. Even if you switch career fields, you can use some of the skills you learned in the Air Force to assist you in your future career.

4. Quality of Life

The Air Force is thought to have some of the best programs to improve the quality of life of their members. Generally, the Air Force has some of the best dorms, on-base shopping, recreation, family housing, services, and more. You’ll also have a good work-life balance in the Air Force so you have time to pursue other things you enjoy outside of work. On top of the eight-hour work day, you’ll also have 30 days of leave a year you can take for vacation with your family and friends.

5. Pay and Benefits

You’ll start receiving your pay and benefits as soon as you show up for basic training. Pay starts at a salary of around $1,600 to $2,000 per month and increases with each rank you earn. Even if you’re sent home early or home sick for a few days, you’ll still be paid the same amount for the month.

Outside of pay, your other benefits include covered medical and dental care, free housing and utilities, and food. You can use the money you earn to start saving or investing your money for your future.

6. Housing

If you enlist and you’re single, you will be assigned a dorm room on base, which comes fully furnished. If you have dependents, you’ll have access to on-base housing at no cost where you can stay close to work without having to pay for housing. If you and your family decide to live off base, you’ll receive a basic allowance for housing that’s calculated based on the area you live in, which you can put towards rent, a mortgage, and utilities.

7. Retirement

After serving for 20 years, you’re eligible to retire from the Air Force. If you enlist at 18, that means you would be eligible to retire at 38, which means you would start receiving retirement pay and other benefits before you hit 40. You can always continue your career in the civilian world or enter a new field to supplement your income and find a new purpose after the military.

What Do You Need to Make it Into the Air Force?

Before you can join the Air Force, you will need to meet a few basic requirements. You must:

●Be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident

●Receive a minimum score of 31 on the ASVAB or a minimum of 50 with a GED

●Be between 17 and 41

●Have a high school diploma or GED

●Pass a physical and mental health exam

●Pass a background check

●Meet weight requirements

You can talk with your recruiter in more detail about these requirements, and they can help you find resources to prepare for the ASVAB, your fitness, and weight test

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